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Fumo is a new concept cocktail bar, all day restaurant and late lounge in Birmingham.

Summer Menu

As the days become longer and warmer, the summer months provide a wealth of sweet fruits and the greenest of vegetables. Producing fava beans, peas and artichokes to the sweetest Sicilian oranges and tomatoes...

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Latest News

Crazy Cocktails take the Biscuit!
Beetroot, Turkish delight, green tea, cayenne pepper, a pomegranate and an orange Club biscuit were amongst the surprise ingredients Fumo Mixologist Lee Millard used to create ingenious cocktails for a group of special guests.

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Cocktail of the Month

The cocktail for this month is called Rose

The cocktail is comprised of: Tequila, Triple sec, rose monin syrup, lime juice and fresh rosemary. Garnished with fresh lime, crushed ice and rosemary leaves.

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